Insight Meditation, known as Vipassana in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, engages in the practice of ethics, mindfulness, depths of meditation, opening of the heart and wisdom teachings.

Insight teachers hold the intention to:
Share the wise, compassionate and liberating teachings of the Buddha Dharma. Provide teachings that offer healing of the body, heart and mind of the individual and wider community. Embody the teachings and integrate them into our daily lives. Hold a vision of sustainability and healing for our planet

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Insight meditation allows us to see clearly into the reactions and distortions that arise in our daily life. Out of this clear awareness comes a stillness of mind that opens to the immensity and wonder of life.

Insight Meditation retreats generally include meditation instructions on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: the body, feelings, mind and dharmas, plus meditation periods of sitting and walking, Dharma talks, mindfulness work periods, individual and group interviews.

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Settle into your meditation posture and become aware of the body, so that you can observe the body responses when you hear the words. Our experience is informed by our sense doors. Putting our attention onto the contact at a particular sense door can be an interesting and calming way to meditate. It can be one’s primary focus of meditation or one of many points of interest that arise during a particular sit.

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Insight Meditation Australia

We endeavour to make information available that will help you choose teachers, teachings, retreat, courses and various programmes available in Australia.

A variety of programmes are offered throughout the year both residential and non-residential including regular groups, day, weekend and week long retreats, and other supportive courses and events. In the main menu you will find the annual programme of our various teachers, our biographies, dates and locations, descriptions of various courses and retreats and basic instructions for practice in daily life.

Our aim is to make all courses and retreats as inexpensive as possible through volunteer support, covering basic costs, and reliance on donations (dana) from practitioners for our teachers, rather than asking for a teaching fee.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our programmes during the year. It could change your life, your community and your world.

May all live with clarity and wisdom.