Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson has had a love of the Buddha Dharma since the 1970’s and in 1975 she attended her first Vipassana retreat in India. She then lived in a dharma community in the U.K. with Christopher Titmuss and Christina Feldman for four years.

In her capacity as a psychotherapist and social worker, she has taught Mindfulness meditation to individuals and groups in the mental health and drug and alcohol fields. Until moving to Canberra, Christine was the Senior Buddhist Chaplain for Prisons under the auspices of the Buddhist Council of Victoria and Corrections Victoria. As part of this role Christine taught meditation and gave Dharma talks.

As well as long personal retreats in India, Christine sat a three month retreat in the U.S. guided by Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg and a two month personal retreat at the Forest Refuge, also in the U.S at IMS. Christine has been an assistant teacher at the Thai Temple, Bodh Gaya with Christopher Titmuss and Radha Nicholson and taught groups at the Dharma Gathering in Sarnath, India. Before moving to Canberra, Christine was a Dharma teacher as part of Melbourne Insight Meditation Group (MIMG). Christine was also the guiding teacher of a weekly Insight Meditation sitting group in Ferny Creek (Dandenong Ranges) called Heartwood Insight Victoria. Christine is a Mindfulness Mentor on Christopher Titmuss’s Mindfulness Training Course (online).

Christine moved to Canberra in October 2015, and has formed a group – ‘Heartwood Insight Canberra’

Christine is available to give Dharma talks and teach meditation to a variety of groups as well as looking for people who can help set up day and weekly sitting for Heartwood Insight.

In 2019 Christine is offering the possibility of a more in depth one to one contact exploring individual meditation practice. Open to both long term yogis and relatively new meditators, extra more individually focussed guidance will be offered. These sessions will be offered on a dana (donation) basis.

Please contact Christine directly by email: christine.heartwood.thompson(at)
or look at her website:

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The Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya until there was a clear undistorted comprehension of life free from greed, aversion and delusion.

Heartwood Insight supports calm and insight with an emphasis on kindness and compassion to oneself and others.

You are invited to explore through a range of meditation techniques natural ways of being. We will use The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta), and breath meditation as gentle reminders of the simplicity and beauty of existence.