Carol Perry

Carol Perry

Carol has more than forty years meditation experience in the Insight tradition. She is a senior teacher with Melbourne Insight Meditation.

In 1972 Carol co-founded a rural community called Dharmananda. She continues to live there with around twenty three people, working together to grow a wide range of organic foods and maintaining the land.

Carol is a long-time social activist on ecological issues and is passionate about supporting cohesive and harmonious community in all its forms.

She has a mindfulness-based (Hakomi) psychotherapy practice in Lismore NSW and globally by Skype. She teaches a dharma-based workshop called Communicating Mindfully. She has recently retired from thirty years as a Consultant in Conflict Management.

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"House Builder, you have now been seen;
You shall not build the house again.
Your rafters have been broken down;
Your ridge pole is demolished too.
My mind has now attained the unformed nibbana
And reached the end of every kind of craving."

The Buddha (Dhammapada 153.4)

Kuan Yin