Anna Markey

Anna Markey

Vipassana Insight Meditation

Anna Markey was introduced to Buddhist practice in India in 1983. She took teachings from a variety of Tibetan teachers and attended retreats with insight teacher, Christopher Titmuss, the same year. She has been studying the Buddhadharma and practising insight meditation ever since.

Anna also practised for a number of years with a Zen group in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, in the Burmese Mahasi method of practice with Patrick Kearney and has studied and practised the Recollective Awareness approach with Jason Siff.

Anna runs two annual retreats and two ongoing dharma groups.

She is interested in the early teachings of the Buddha and exploring the ways experience based meditation can be used to clarify, enrich and refine our inner and outer life.

She has now retired from primary school teaching and enjoys surfing, gardening and dharma study.

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