Seven Day Opening the Door to a Spacious Unbound Life Retreat

Teacher: Christine Thompson. Kallara Conference Centre, Boho South, VIC

A 7 day retreat to deepening our understanding of the three characteristics of existence: Dukkha, Anicca & Anatta. This retreat offers the opportunity to feel our way into a deep connection with anexpansive silence and awareness that is not dependent on inner and outer experiencesbeing a certain way. Cost: $755 Plus Dana


Six Day Deepening Into Stillness Retreat

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi & Alan Bassal ONLINE and ONSITE: Brahma Kumaris Centre, Wilton NSW

The 6 day retreat offered in-person and online will provide the opportunity to deepen into presence, to experience being free from the agitations of the thinking mind.Deepening into stillness allows us to examine and transform the habitual limited patterns of mind that create confusion, anxiety and suffering. The retreat will support inquiry into what it […]

Autumn Insight Meditation Retreat

Teacher: Will James. Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Corindi Beach, NSW

Insight meditation allows us to see clearly the reactions and distortions that arise in our daily life. It cultivates an awareness of the freedom and clarity that is available in each precious moment. The retreat program consists of sitting, standing, walking & guided meditation, meditation instruction, group and individual meetings, inquiry sessions, and evening Dharma talks. […]

Satipaṭṭhāna, the way of Mindfulness

Teacher: Patrick Kearney. Kallara Conference Centre, Strathbogie Ranges Vic

Satipaṭṭhāna, the way of mindfulness, is an open enquiry into the nature of experience to cultivate serenity and insight. In this retreat we will explore the Buddha’s teaching on insight by cultivating the perceptions of change, pain and not-self. This retreat is for 14 days, giving time to settle deeply into the practice. COST: Onsite […]

Awakening the Heart and Mind Insight Meditation Retreat

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi, Carol Perry and Alan Bassal. SANGSURYA, BYRON BAY, NSW

Insight meditation allows us to examine the habitual patterns of mind that create confusion, anxiety and pain. Through the practice of calmness, mindfulness and inquiry we can cultivate wisdom and open the heart. This is a silent retreat with the retreat program consisting of sitting, walking and guided meditations, meditation instruction, group and individual meetings […]

$620 – $1250

Cultivating Wisdom through Inquiry

Teachers: Radha Nicholson and Karuna Fielden. SANGSURYA, BYRON BAY, NSW

A non-Residential Weekend Workshop. The weekend will focus on inquiry into direct experience and include periods of sitting and walking meditation with instructions, working with inquiry questions, dharma talks and individual inquiry sessions. There will be periods of silence but the retreat will be interactive. It will not be silent the entire time. The retreat […]

Insight Meditation Retreat

Teachers: Radha Nicholson and Will James SANGSURYA, BYRON BAY, NSW

The retreat is a silent Insight Meditation Retreat. Each day there will be an instruction period, a dharma talk and an inquiry session as well as an evening program of guided meditation or meditative listening. All four postures, sitting, walking, standing and reclining will be used and explored. The emphasis is on insight into the […]

2 Day Longhaulers Retreat

Teacher: Anna Markey. Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair, SA

This retreat is offered to those who have been in dharma support groups for over a year. It will provide ways for people to deepen and enrich their practise and to connect with and support others in our community. Further information, email: bkirke(at) or ammarkey(at)

Exploring Presence – The Way of Awareness

Teachers: Patrick Kearney & Emma Pittaway. SANGSURYA, Byron Bay, NSW

We will explore mindfulness practice through active and receptive awareness. In active awareness we search out our meditation object. In receptive awareness we allow our meditation object to come to us. These modes of awareness are not mutually exclusive, but can be seen as the two ends of a single spectrum. In this retreat we […]

The Wisdom of the Way

Radha Nicholson and Ellen Davison. SANGSURYA, Byron Bay, NSW

A 6 day residential retreat. The retreat is a Silent Insight Meditation Retreat with attention to the four postures, walking, sitting, standing and reclining meditation. There will be meditation instructions and a dharma talk daily. On alternate days there will be Inquiry with Radha and Guided Meditation with Ellen. The evening program will include reclining […]

Realising Emptiness with Serenity, Insight and 4 Divine Abodes

Teachers: Mal Huxter and Lisa Brown. ONLINE and ONSITE: Mt Carmel Retreat Centre, Varroville, NSW

Ten-day (9 night) with seven-day (6 night) option, Silent meditation retreat. This dana based onsite and online (hybrid) meditation retreat will focus on exploration, guidance and the opportunity to practice meditation as described in the Buddha’s shorter discourse on emptiness  (The Culasunnyata Sutta). As well as insight, the retreat is an invitation to cultivate serenity and four […]

$1034 – $1470

28-day residential retreat in the Blue Mountains

Teacher: Patrick Kearney. Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre, Medlow Bath, NSW

Patrick teaches satipaṭṭhāna, the way of mindfulness, in the lineage of Mahāsī Sayādaw. He emphasises the cultivation of a felt continuity of awareness by tracking the elemental flow of experience that lies beneath our habitual concepts and reactions. As we become intimate with what is already present we discover the radical simplicity of the practice, […]