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Seven Day Opening the Door to a Spacious Unbound Life Retreat

Teacher: Christine Thompson. Kallara Conference Centre, Boho South

A 7 day retreat to deepening our understanding of the three characteristics of existence: Dukkha, Anicca & Anatta. This retreat offers the opportunity to feel our way into a deep connection with anexpansive silence and awareness that is not dependent on inner and outer experiencesbeing a certain way. Cost: $755 Plus Dana


Six Day Deepening Into Stillness Retreat

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi & Alan Bassal ONLINE and ONSITE: Brahma Kumaris Centre, Wilton NSW

The 6 day retreat offered in-person and online will provide the opportunity to deepen into presence, to experience being free from the agitations of the thinking mind.Deepening into stillness allows us to examine and transform the habitual limited patterns of mind that create confusion, anxiety and suffering. The retreat will support inquiry into what it […]