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Mindfulness Meditation, Natural Awareness

August 5 August 11 AEDT

Teachers: Patrick Kearney & Emma Pittaway.

Byron Bay, NSW Australia

This retreat will explore mindfulness meditation in both its active and receptive aspects, or “noting” and “natural awareness.” We will explore the six sense sensitivities with an emphasis on  awareness of body. The five physical sensitivities ground us in the here-and-now and give us a foundation for exploring the sixth sensitivity, heart/mind. The retreat is taught by Patrick Kearney and Emma Pittaway.

Patrick is an independent dharma teacher in the lineage of Mahāsi Sayādaw. He has a particular interest in applying the original teachings of the Buddha to contemporary life. Emma emphasises the emergence of insight through “natural awareness.” Her main teachers are Patrick Kearney and Sayādaw U Tejaniya. She has practised the dharma since she was twenty and began teaching in 2019.

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