Audio Teachings

Languages of the Heart - Loving Kindness - Dharma Talk by Ellen Davison

The heart in it's openness is actually immeasurable ..... it is boundless. This talk by Ellen is about the various ways we express loving kindness in this world and in our lives. (40min 08sec)

Insight Meditation Teachings

The Characteristic of Not-Self - Dharma Talk by Patrick Kearney

Not-Self is an advanced teaching ..... something to be realised, not intellectually understood. For any kind of body, feeling, perception, construction or awareness, past present or future, This is not mine, I am not this, This is not myself.
Part 1 (40min 08sec)
Part 2 (53min 41sec)
Part 3 (55min 13sec)

Self and Not Self - Dharma Talk by Will James

To explore these terms, where they lie in relation to the Buddhist Teachings, because they are at the very core of the teaching .... construction of self and the freedom present in not self (46min 22sec)

Meditation: Dissolving into Truth - Dharma Talk by Radha Nicholson

In the Thai Forest Tradition, the teachings always point to liberation and freedom ..... to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion.