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May the virtue of your gift be a support for you and for all beings to attain freedom and liberation ... the complete cessation of suffering.

In the Buddhist tradition, the dharma is felt to be of such great value that it cannot be bought or sold. It is not a commodity. It can be received and transmitted only as gift. The dharma cannot be found in the economy of the market, but only in the economy of gift.

What are the implications of entering this economy? The teaching is given. How do we respond when we recognise we have received a gift? We are moved to give something in return, completing the gift. This natural response marks our entry into the economy of gift, where buying and selling are replaced by giving and receiving, and where the defining relationship is friendship.

The act of giving is a declaration of mutual respect. Giver and receiver recognise they share the same fundamental values and concerns. The gift takes us beyond the limitations of our normal self-interest and opens us to a life of mutual care, called good friendship (kalyana mittata) by the Buddha.

The teachings, meditations and retreats offered through this website are all offered on a dana (gift) basis. If you wish to support this work one way would be to make a payment into the bank account below. Any gift is greatly appreciated and will help to continue to nurture the dharma in Australia and beyond.