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Insight Meditation Australia Wisdom tells me I am nothing,
love tells me I am everything.
Between these two my life flows

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Subhana Barzaghi

Subhana Barzarghi

Buddhist Teaching Background

Zen Roshi
I am authorised to teach in two different Buddhist traditions - Zen Buddhism and the Vipassana Insight tradition. I have been practicing Buddhist meditation for over 30 years and received dharma transmission in 1996 in the Diamond Sangha Zen tradition. I am the Spiritual Director and resident teacher of the Sydney Zen Centre, and lead regular intensive Zen Sesshins in Sydney & Melbourne. I presently supervise four other Apprentice teachers in the Zen tradition.

Vipassana Insight Meditation teacher
I am also a senior teacher in the Vipassana Insight tradition and lead regular retreats throughout Australia, New Zealand and India. I am the founder and guiding teacher of the Kuan Yin Meditation Centre Inc., in Lismore which is a dedicated non sectarian space for spiritual practice. In 1999 I set up a Vipassana Insight group in Sydney called the Blue Gum Sangha which meets weekly on the north shore. I mentor and support several other Apprentice teachers in the Insight tradition.


Subhana's Schedule

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Psychotherapy and Workshops
I have been a psychotherapist for 20 years and have a private therapy practice in Mosman, Sydney.

I have a B.A.Soc.Sci, from Charles Sturt University, and a Masters of Applied Psychotherapy & Neuroscience from U.T.S. I am a graduate of Hakomi Integrative Psychotherapy.

I am a clinical member of the Australian Buddhist, Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association Inc., and presently on the Executive training committee of ABCAP.

I lead a range of workshops on:
- Death and dying,
- Jungian dream work,
- Zen and the Arts,
- Stress management for health practitioners,

and the four divine qualities of heart and mind:
- loving-kindness,
- compassion,
- equanimity
- sympathetic joy.

  artwork by Mayumi Oda
artwork by mayumi oda  



A number of articles and talks have been published regularly over the years from 1998-2008 in various Buddhist & Psychotherapy newsletters and Journals:

- The Sydney Zen Centre journal, “Mind Moon Circle” published quarterly;

- Melbourne Zen Groups newsletter, “Vast & Ordinary News”

- Buddhist Library of NSW newsletter, “Dharma Vision”

- Southern Insight’s Christchurch New Zealand’s newsletter

- Diamond Sangha Journal, USA – “Blind Donkey”

- Hakomi Association quarterly newsletter.

- Chapter in book, ‘Spirited Practices’ - Spirituality and the Helping Professions