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Radha Nicholson

Radha Nicholson

Radha Nicholson teaches the cultivation of wisdom and compassion through Insight. Her teachings focus on Inquiry and the non-dual nature of reality.

She is a guiding teacher for Bay Insight in Byron Bay and teaches retreats in India and Australia and regularly co-teaches with Christopher Titmuss. Her annual pilgrimage to India includes programs in Bodh Gaya, Tiruvannamalai and Sarnath. Radha leads the Australian Dharma Facilitators Program. She has also been a guest teacher in France, the UK, Germany and New Zealand.

Radha is a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society with a private practice in Bangalow in northern New South Wales. Radha is the mother of four children and also has grandchildren.

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“There is, monks, that base where there is neither earth, nor water, nor heat, nor air; neither the base of the infinity of space, nor the base of the infinity of consciousness, nor the base of nothingness, nor the base of neither-perception-nor-non-perception; neither this world nor another world; neither sun nor moon.

Here, monks, I say there is no coming, no going, no standing still; no passing away and no being reborn. It is not established, not moving, without support. Just this is the end of suffering."

(Udana 8:1;80)

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