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Mal Huxter

Mal Huxter

Mal Huxter has had confidence in the teachings of the Buddha since his first retreat in 1975.

In 1977 he ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk in Thailand. He stayed a monk for nearly two years in the forest traditions of N.E Thailand.

When he returned to Australia he worked as a Shiatsu therapists for a decade, then studied contemporary psychology and also continued to study Buddhist meditation with a daily practice and attending regular intensive retreats in the Insight meditation traditions.

In 1991 he registered as a psychologist and is now a clinical psychologist in both private practice and community mental health.

Mal conducts writes and conducts mindfulness based programs as a psychologist. Mal also teaches therapists about mindfulness and related practices and conducts short retreats for therapists and the general public .

For further information, please contact Mal

Mal leads a number of different retreats, courses and workshops in Australia. Some are fee paying and some are on the basis of dana (gift).

Mal regularly leads basic 8 session weekly courses called “Mindfulness and a path of kindness wisdom and happiness” for the public, followed up by 4 session extension courses. The prices for the sessions vary.

As Mal is a Medicare registered clinical psychologists and the course are for the prevention of anxiety and depression, many individuals can claim a Medicare rebate of $28.60 on a standard payment of $35 per session. Depending on circumstances, some individuals attend free of charge. Some of the sessions are full day events which he offers for free or dana to those who have done a course or who have some experience in meditation. The same offer pertains the half day events.


Mal's Teaching Schedule

Malcolm is currently not teaching in the Eastern States of Australia as he is taking leave to work in remote parts of Australia with asylum seekers.

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