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2013 Australian Dharma Facilitators Programme

22nd March - 27th March 2013 Byron Bay (Sangsurya Retreat Centre)
26th July - 1st August 2013 Byron Bay (Sangsurya Retreat Centre)

The programme aims to:
· Deepen one's understanding of the dharma through inquiry, meditation, interactive group processes, discussion and dharma talks;
· Promote group facilitation skills to apply to whatever sphere of life one is engaged in;
· Provide a supportive sangha (community) to deepen friendships, cultivate wisdom and enable insights to flourish;
· Present sutta study with the intention of transforming the sometimes complicated suttas into direct intuitive realisation;
· Encourage compassionate action based on profound wisdom and understanding.

The Dharma Facilitators Programme was initially developed by Christopher Titmuss in the UK, Europe and Israel. Radha Nicholson and Christopher Titmuss facilitated the first round of the programme (DFP1) in Australia in 2006/2007.

The new series, DFP5, will begin in April 2011. The DFP is facilitated by Radha Nicholson, assisted by Will James. Christopher Titmuss will be available to co-facilitate the third session of the new series

At times there may be guest presenters by invitation. Participants will be invited to explore specific readings and reflections between each session.

Places are limited and the minimum entry requirement for the programme is 2-3 years experience of meditation practice / Dharma / Yoga etc.

If you have questions please contact Radha Nicholson phone 02 6687-1762
or email

Anyone who currently attends a D.F.P.programme in the United Kingdom, Europe, Israel or New Zealand is also welcome to attend any of the programmes in Australia.

Download Dharma Facilitators Programme here (30kb MSWord.docx)

Download Application Form here (40kb MSWord.doc)

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