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Insight Meditation Australia Go forth on your journey,
for the benefit of the many,
for the joy of the many,
out of compassion for the welfare,
the benefit of all beings.

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Bobbi Allan

Bobbi Allan

Bobbi Allan is a Buddhist teacher in the Insight tradition with over 30 years experience in Buddhist practice. Her teachers have included S.N. Goenka, Christopher Titmuss, Subhana Barzaghi, Patrick Kearney and Jason Siff. Since 1984 she has also worked and trained with US 'Engaged Buddhist', Buddhist scholar, systems thinker and activist, Joanna Macy.

Bobbi has a professional background in management training, facilitation and communication / conflict processes, and a long history in various forms of social and environmental action. She is a founding member of Heart Politics Conferences and the Social Change Training & Resource Centre. She is Buddhist Chaplain at Southern Cross University, and writes and works on contemporary issues.

She leads "Stillness in Action" retreats, combining meditation with the 'engaged Buddhist' processes developed by Joanna Macy.

She also co-leads "Natural Mind" retreats with her husband and fellow Buddhist teacher, John Allan.

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About Stillness in Action
Stillness in Action develops wisdom, calmness, courage and clarity to sustain a life of freedom and integrity in challenging times.

Take the opportunity to:
* Learn a simple meditation to still the confusions of the mind - allowing wisdom and compassion to arise, and freeing your intellectual, emotional and creative intelligence;
* Renew your spirit for restoring a sustainable environment, for building a just and equitable society, for participating in healthy and creative communities, for personal and social healing;
* Strengthen confidence, kindness and joy - and your power to make a difference - through processes of deep ecology, systems science and ancient earth wisdom;
* Use practical tools to clarify your values and intentions and move them into action;
* Learn to build sustaining communities of friendship.
* Nurture and refresh your body and mind through walking, yoga, journaling and silent contemplation in the beauty of nature.

Mornings of silent meditative reflection teach the sacred art of presence.
Each afternoon, creative group work reveals fresh paths to personal and social change - inspired by Joanna Macy's work
Evenings sharing stories, poetry, music and laughter, enliven and deepen community.

Each day unfolds a new perspective on a journey to reconnect our lives with our

"Go forth on your journey for the benefit of the many, for the joy of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the welfare, for the benefit and joy of all beings."

Bobbi's Schedule

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May each of us be inspired to continue compassionate action for ourselves and all beings in 2011.

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